Archives: February 2016

Shift Soccer Squad

“Shift Digital sets world record for goals scored in single game”…would be an awesome headline if it were true. However, Fall of 2015 marked the first session since its creation, Shift participated in an indoor co-ed league held at Ultimate Soccer Arenas. For some, it wasn’t their first rodeo. For...

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An Interview Experience by Frank Sorise

Indeed, Monster, Linked In, SimplyHired, phone calls, emails, cover letters, resumes, qualifications, portfolios, references, experience, and the list goes on and on. Job searching can be one of the most frustrating and arduous processes to go through as a young professional, and after a while it can almost seem hopeless....

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Health & Wellness Roundup by Allie and Rene

Health and wellness. Two lovely buzz words straight from a recruiter’s mouth. Corporations love to talk about their great work/life balance, fresh snacks and their options for fitness ball “chairs” or standing desks.   And eager applicants love to hear about it. But does the company REALLY promote health and wellness...

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