A Pawliday Party by Nicole Sands

When I was six years old, my cat Natasha brought home five little ducklings. I kept them in a drawer in my dresser and they would swim in my pool with me. After they flew away, they returned every spring until my mom told me that they had their own families—bless her heart for lying. Growing up, I had 6 cats, 2 dogs, turtles, ducks, hamsters and rabbits in my own little zoo. Needless to say, my passion for animals started fiercely at a young age.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been involved with animal welfare and humane societies. From working at a vet clinic as a kid to being a dog walker and entering college wanting to be a veterinarian, I’ve always had some kind of involvement in that world. Every time I see one of those ASPCA commercials I want to bring home another puppy (can they please stop using that darn song?). I have been fortunate enough to earn a living being involved with my passion. Previous to working at Shift Digital, I raised goats in Costa Rica, studied baboons in Ethiopia and ran admissions for the San Diego Humane Society. I know what you’re thinking, “How does all of that lead to a career in digital automotive consulting?” A story for another time…

Coming to Shift Digital was a large change from cleaning out kennels and walking dogs all day. Fortunately, I didn’t have to give up my involvement in animal welfare because Shift Digital fosters passion. One great aspect of working for Shift Digital is that we are encouraged to follow and share our passion with others. A cornerstone of our culture is a dedication to philanthropy and community. Shift Digital employees are involved in a number of philanthropic events and are encouraged to bring new opportunities to the team.

Inspired by our experiences, fellow Shifties and I organized a Pawliday Party this past November. Having worked for an animal shelter, I know first-hand how valuable fresh blankets are for animals patiently awaiting their fur-ever home. Over forty Shift Digital employees came out for the party with the goal of making blankets to donate to the Michigan Animal Rescue League. The night was filled with fleece, fun, festivities and even fur-friends! The Michigan Animal Rescue League brought a few adoptable dogs to the party and one of them even found a new home! Shift Digital is proud to partner with organizations like the Michigan Animal Rescue League and improve our community. Let’s face it—Shift Digital, simply put, is the cat’s meow.- Nicole Sands


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