Shift Madness by Jenna Maclellan

The 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament — more commonly known as March Madness — came to an end earlier this month. And with many games taking place during the workday, our lobby (which includes a giant TV) suddenly became the perfect place to hang out and ‘get some work done’. If you don’t already know, the biggest key to the tremendous popularity of...

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Breaking Records at Forgotten Harvest by Joey Hamood

On Friday, March 31st, Shift Digital spent time volunteering and breaking records at Forgotten Harvest in Oak Park, MI. Seventeen enthusiastic employees showed up with one mission in mind: save the tomatoes! After a friendly introduction to the program, we were given the assignment to package as many healthy tomatoes as possible in the allotted time frame of 3 hours. After the...

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My Time on the Accounting Team: A “Reconciliation” by Meghan Murray

Walking past the accounting department at Shift Digital, you’ll hear joking, the clicking of a mouse, and sense an atmosphere that can be described as a team and a family. This growing team of 10 driven individuals completes more behind the scenes than most understand. I was grateful when they took me under their wing as the Accounting Assistant. The weekly meetings...

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