Breaking Records at Forgotten Harvest by Joey Hamood

On Friday, March 31st, Shift Digital spent time volunteering and breaking records at Forgotten Harvest in Oak Park, MI. Seventeen enthusiastic employees showed up with one mission in mind: save the tomatoes! After a friendly introduction to the program, we were given the assignment to package as many healthy tomatoes as possible in the allotted time frame of 3 hours. After the aprons were assembled, the hair was netted, and the beards were guarded, we got to work.

Forgotten Harvest is a relief agency dedicated to fighting hunger and saving goods from going to waste. Over the past year, the agency distributed an astounding 48.8 million total pounds of food. As for this past Friday, Shift Digital contributed to this momentum by putting up eye-popping, record-breaking numbers:

22,685 lbs. of tomatoes

1,237 lbs. assorted snacks

Grand total: 24,102 lbs.

Mission complete! In true Shift fashion, we came together as a team to assist the metro-Detroit community. The work was not easy but we had a blast doing it (we also counted this as our workout for the day…it saved us all from a trip to Powerhouse). Getting involved in the community and making an impact was well worth it, however – we’ll probably pass on spaghetti, tomato pizza, BLTs and caprese salads for the next year or so.

Interested in getting involved in Forgotten Harvest? Sign up here:


Forgotten Harvest

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