Destination Shift by Alexis Ahee

Did you know our employees are an eclectic mix of individuals with varying backgrounds? That’s right, you don’t necessarily need a marketing degree or years of automotive experience to work at Shift. The progressive company culture values a proactive mindset, ability to think creatively, and willingness to learn.

For some, the journey leading to Birmingham, Mich. was anything but straight and narrow:


Rai (Volkswagen Digital Consultant, 3 months at Shift) 

Previous Employment: Prior to working at Shift, I was a flight attendant for Delta Airlines based out of Detroit Metropolitan Airport. This position was very time consuming: I flew 3-5 times a week; worked both domestic and international flights; spent most holidays and birthdays working. Although, I really enjoyed working with people, and that my days would start off in Detroit yet end in California.

My favorite thing about Shift: On my first day, I loved how welcoming my team was and I enjoyed working with those who “spoke my language”. My background is in marketing and working here has allowed me to develop those skills further while learning something new every day. This role can be challenging, but the support system I have built within my team is amazing.


Caitlin (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Website Assistant, 5 months at Shift) 

Previous Employment: After college, I started working in the suburbs of Chicago at a small public relations firm.
That experience lead to a quick transition into the City as I began working for the Chicago Tribune in the Advertising Department. My role at the Tribune lasted a little over a year before I accepted a position in Michigan at Detroit Mercy School of Law. There, I worked was the Assistant Director of Admissions for two years.

My favorite thing about Shift: The encouragement and opportunities we receive as employees to explore different interests and to continually learn.


Victoria (INFINITI Digital Consultant, 7 months at Shift) 

Previous Employment: I was an Executive Assistant in the Accounting Department of Grove Harbour Marina in Coconut Grove, Fla. I also worked at the front desk of the dockmaster office and had a lot of exposure to the marine life of southern Fla.

My favorite thing about Shift: I finally get to put my college studies and passion to work! My background is in communications and I am so happy to have this opportunity to be hands-on in dealership marketing efforts.


Paul (Program Specialist for Subaru Digital Certified Program, 3 years at Shift) 

Previous Employment: I graduated in 2010 with a double major in Finance and Business Economics. Unfortunately, because of the “Great Recession” no one wanted someone with that background. I was on the job hunt for six months before I landed a position doing analyst work for Barclays Capital in London. Only a few months were spent in that role before my girlfriend at the time, now wife, “encouraged” me to move closer to home a.k.a Mich. After that discussion, I took a job in N.Y. trading environmental credits (i.e. I basically traded air… no joke) and spent four years with the company.

My favorite thing about Shift:

  1. People make or break any job. Shift hires some of the best people.
  2. Golden Tee which is the electronic golfing game located conveniently downstairs from my chair in Shift’s Poppleton office. I feel lucky to be a part of this company…


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