Health & Wellness Roundup by Allie and Rene

Health and wellness. Two lovely buzz words straight from a recruiter’s mouth. Corporations love to talk about their great work/life balance, fresh snacks and their options for fitness ball “chairs” or standing desks.   And eager applicants love to hear about it. But does the company REALLY promote health and wellness just as much as they say they do during career fairs or interviews with sought out candidates? At Shift… we mean it.

Take a second to think – What do you want from your employer regarding health and wellness? See if our perks make your list.

Gym: Fully paid gym memberships. Treadmills, dumbbells, weight machines, elliptical, kettlebells, you name it. And on top of that, over 45 group classes throughout the week and one free personal training session. Working out doesn’t get more convenient than the short walk next door (Powerhouse gym is 1 block from Shift HQ!), or more motivating than with a few co-workers in tow.

Sports: Shift Digital’s sports teams are a great get-fit option for all employees. Indoor soccer, softball, kickball – the list goes on.

Medical: Covered. Yup, that’s right. So don’t worry about that sprained ankle from the embarrassing fall you took during the Shift Digital soccer game last night.

Food: Healthy lunches are catered from local vendors several times a week. Not only does this save you time and money, it’s also the perfect “organized fun” time for meeting coworkers. New employees adjust even quicker with this perk. I mean, how can you not chat with your neighbor in line about the non-GMO, preservative-free, artificial sweetener-free, fat-free, nitrate-free, potassium bromate-free….chicken!?

This isn’t everything. But why share all our top-secret health and wellness perks when we can leave you wanting to know more? Hint: think manis/pedis, Fitbits, and office massages just to name a few.

Until next time,

BeFitShift leaders Allie Laurin & René Ruiz


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