My Time on the Accounting Team: A “Reconciliation” by Meghan Murray

Walking past the accounting department at Shift Digital, you’ll hear joking, the clicking of a mouse, and sense an atmosphere that can be described as a team and a family. This growing team of 10 driven individuals completes more behind the scenes than most understand. I was grateful when they took me under their wing as the Accounting Assistant. The weekly meetings are filled with tracking progress, goal achievement, upcoming projects, and various discussions. While expectations are high, the whole team works together to make sure that everyone can complete their goals. I had little accounting knowledge when I joined the team. My teammates taught me about the tasks at hand and more importantly, why they are necessary for the company. This department is known to work hard and work together, which is an obtainable goal as the team doesn’t put emphasis on hierarchy. While titles may be different, everyone in accounting is happy to roll up their sleeves to help one another. The team is always ready to take on new job responsibilities, and this is what keeps the team challenged and evolving. As I experienced this, my managers made a point to congratulate me when a job was done well. I always felt appreciated and hungry for more work.

Within my first week in the department, I was asked by friends and family if my department were “fun suckers”. You know, those who walk into a room and deflate all enjoyment from the atmosphere. I simply giggled before responding no. On my first day at Shift, we went on a team outing to a cooking class. Removing an office atmosphere allowed me to get to know my managers and co-workers on a personal level. That was only the beginning to the fun that this department has. In addition to participation at office happy hours and other fun events, the team also rented the Handlebar in downtown Detroit. We toured the city on a big bike that fit 12 and ventured to various bars and restaurants. It was a BLAST! As I’ve reflected on my first year at Shift, some of my favorite events have been at the homes of my teammates. Our Controller and previous Assistant Controllers opened their homes for various parties such as a summer pool party and winter holiday party. They always run well into the evening and the laughter can be heard around the block. I’d continue with all the fun activities, but I know you’re already filling out your application to befriend the team.

All the teams at Shift Digital work ridiculously hard to make sure that the company can run efficiently. In my experience at Shift, the accounting family has it all dialed in. This team can both work hard and play hard, so pop in and say hello. I promise you will meet some great people.


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