Shift Digital: A Not-So Secret Admirer of DMC Children’s

My absolute affinity for Valentine’s Day began long, long ago. That being said, you can only imagine my level of excitement when Shift Digital’s EVOLVE Community Committee reached out to me 20 years later to assist in the preparation of making valentine cards for the Detroit Medical Center’s Pediatric Unit.

In true Shift fashion, EVOLVE hosted a Valentine Card Making Happy Hour complete with champagne and sweet treats. Employees were invited to come down for a short visit during the workday to relax and make a few handcrafted sentiments. It was not hard to recognize the same delight in my fellow Shift Digital employees as I had felt so long ago when delivering my own valentines in fourth grade.

One of my favorite parts of this event was seeing employees that I least expected giving me a run for my money in the creativity department. We set, and far surpassed, a goal of 100 valentine cards which were then donated for use by the staff, volunteers and family members to give to patients of DMC Children’s.

When asked about delivering the cards, Alex Zito said “I was greeted by nurses when I delivered the Valentine’s Day cards. They were overjoyed by the colorful collection of cards and eager to later deliver them to pediatric patients. They said a lot of the children were very disappointed to be missing their school Valentine’s Day parties, but were thrilled to receive such beautiful cards from Shift Digital.”

While the prefab valentines from any supermarket would have surely done the job, the personal touch of Shift’s meticulously handmade cards resonated far deeper with DMC patients and exemplified genuine care and support from our team. It was my sincere pleasure to assist with an event that brought Shift Digital employees together in such a way that benefited our local community.

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