Shift Digital Makes a Healthy Lifestyle Possible by Kailin Driscoll

I wasn’t sure what to expect walking in on my first day of my internship with having to work in an office environment, and sitting in a chair with little to no movement throughout the day. However, here at Shift Digital, taking on a healthy lifestyle has been made easy for all employees! I was pleasantly surprised when I was told about the complementary membership to Powerhouse Gym and ecstatic when I found out about the two catered meals a week. With all the flexibility Shift has, I have no excuses not to #DOEPICSHIFT and keep up with my healthy eating and strict gym schedule throughout my internship.

Working out and eating healthy has a lot of benefits especially for managing the everyday stress people experience at work or even at home. Practically any form of exercise, from weight lifting to yoga, can act as a stress reliever. You don’t have to be an athlete or even in shape to start, but a little exercise can go a long way toward managing your stress. Not only does exercise help your overall health it can also give you that extra boost you need for your daily life. Physical activity helps increase the production of endorphins in your brain, which in simplest forms makes people happy. Strangely enough exercising is almost a form of meditation. After an intense class of kickboxing or even a walk through beautiful downtown Birmingham those stresses and tensions start to diminish.

At first, fitting workouts into my schedule wasn’t easy, but it has allowed my body to shed those daily tensions and in turn, I am now able to focus on a single task for longer periods of time, I have way more energy and am almost completely stress free! Per the Mayo clinic, “Improving your mood can also lead to better body image, deeper sleeps and lessening the chances to be affected by anxiety and depression.” With all the known benefits of a healthy lifestyle, stop making excuses and start working towards being healthy today!

If you aren’t sure on how to get started use the following 5 tips!

  1. Walk before you run – Don’t push yourself too hard when starting or you’ll never go back
  2. Do what you love –Make your workout something you find fun and enjoyable. For me I love Cycling and Kickboxing!
  3. Make time – Pencil a time in every day to make your workout something you just can’t miss.
  4. Find a buddy – Working out with friends will help you stay accountable.
  5. SMART- Set Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Limited Goals

Shift Digital Can Help!

Take Advantage of the 12:00pm Shift Digital only workout every Friday at Powerhouse Gym!

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