Shift Skills: Three Lessons Learned

It’s been a whirlwind couple months and there’s been no shortage of learning experiences during my summer internship with Shift Digital. Here are just a few of the biggest lessons that I learned about Shift early on.

  1. People are willing to help!

Whether you are at the top of the ladder or just starting out as an intern, everyone needs a helping hand at some point. Oftentimes, we have too much pride to sucker up and ask somebody about something that may be extremely obvious to them, but not so obvious to us. Being a little fish in a big pond, I was often faced with the problem of needing help – and lots of it. To my surprise, everyone was more than happy to help, and nobody gave me grief for not knowing something that I maybe should have. Asking questions early and often will help you catch your mistakes and give someone an opportunity to help those around them.

  1. Get involved!

A lot of times you turn a corner, see someone you know but don’t really know, give them an awkward smile and go on with your day. Getting involved with different departments, participating in events, and getting to know someone you didn’t previously are all good ways to get involved and make the workplace more fluid and comfortable. Do things you wouldn’t normally do and expose yourself to people you normally wouldn’t… doing so has done nothing but help make my experience at Shift more fun and enjoyable.

  1. There’s always room for new ideas!

Everyone at Shift has different skillsets and were brought into the company to bring something different to the table. Whether you are an innovator by nature, or simply have an idea to make a process more efficient, try to speak up about new ideas and solutions. They are always welcome, and the smallest change can prove to be incredibly beneficial in the long run!


oscarOscar Mansky, summer 2015 intern, is a junior at Michigan State University studying advertising. In the future he hopes to find a job within the advertising industry or pursue an acting career. He says his time at Shift was “so awesome and helpful and I hope to be back soon!”