Shift Skills: What I’ve Learned in 60 Days

Shift Digital has been a great place to start my career in digital marketing. In two short months, I have had the opportunity to learn Photoshop, google AdWords, backend website tools… really all things related to digital advertising!

But it’s not all work and no play – having fun and getting immersed in the company culture has been a huge part of my introduction to life at Shift. I have been able to participate in team building events like the annual company kickball tournament and the Shift Olympics, and even won tickets to a Tigers game (Shift has some epic seats)!

It’s been a very exciting two months to say the least! Here are just a few of the biggest things I’ve learned so far that I would share with someone new joining the team.

  1. You will be in tons of meetings so be alert and take notes!

 The first week you will be learning about Shift Digital, how the company works, the different accounts we work on, and how your role fits into the team. The best advice I could give new hires is to be well rested and ready to absorb all of the Shift knowledge being thrown your way. It is important to take notes, ask questions, and get any and all resources emailed to you for your reference.

  1. Prep your coffee order because frequent Starbucks runs are an important part of the Shift culture!

 We have a great culture at Shift, and working in downtown Birmingham offers the perfect environment for getting out to take breaks with team members. We often go in small groups to grab coffee and have walking meetings. It’s a great way to get your caffeine fix while and get to know another team member. In this photo, Alessandra and I were catching up over the latest issue of Automotive News.

  1. Don’t feel overwhelmed – everyone is looking to help your grow!

 Starting a new job is overwhelming, and you want to learn and make an impact. People are open and more than happy to answer your questions or take an extra 20 minutes out of their day to go into more detail about topics you don’t understand. You can always grab a breakout room with a team member to go over questions or projects, so there is no need to be shy about speaking up… in fact, it’s encouraged!




Ashley Danto is a Digital Strategy Consultant for the FCA Digital Website Assistant team. She graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Retailing and a minor in Advertising.