Shifting Lives with THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser

bc1It’s not every day we have the opportunity to do something truly inspiring that we know will positively impact someone’s life. At a time when our lives are so incredibly busy – pursuing personal goals and professional goals, trying to maintain a social life and family life, all while attempting to take care of oneself – it is so refreshing to be able to pause for a moment to come together as a team for a cause greater than ourselves.

On Tuesday, September 18th, the Shift West Coast team participated in a philanthropy event with a new partner, THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser (or THE BCF). Our team worked with THE BCF to assemble WeCare Packages for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients in economically disadvantaged areas. The package items are designs to span the breadth of five different categories, all essential to patient support: Comfort, Journey, Beauty, Health & Wellness, and Loved Ones.

Our team gathered to assemble nearly 30 WeCare packages with items that touched each of the set categories. Items included fuzzy socks, knit beanies and neck pillows to ease each patient’s comfort during their chemo treatments. Each package also included a file organizer, day planner and calendar, and breast cancer pamphlets to help the patient along their journey. We added head scarves, travel makeup kits, and Shift Digital lip balm to help keep patients feeling beautiful during their journey. Additionally, a yoga mat, breathing techniques, and a Shift Digital reusable water bottle were included to help promote their health and wellness. The most special touch was adding hand-written notes of inspiration for patients’ loved ones – whether it be a significant other, parent, child or best friend.

bc2We had an absolutely amazing time putting these packages together! It is incredible to see how much of a positive impact you can have on a person’s life by doing something as simple as assembling a care package. To know that our team has been able to help a breast cancer patient through her journey and hopefully alleviate some of the stressors she will endure is the most enriching feeling.

We hope this event is only the first of many philanthropy events with THE BCF. The organization was founded in 2003 and began as a small cocktail party where a handful of friends gathered in an effort to give back to an important cause. Since the first cocktail party in 2003, THE BCF has grown into a national organization with roots in nearly every metropolitan city across the U.S. THE BCF has additionally grown from a single program organization into a multi-program organization – where they host City Events as well as WeCare Package Buildouts (like the one our team participated in). Breast cancer awareness is something that affects so many people across the globe and it is a cause dear to many of our hearts. Having the opportunity to give back to such a worthy cause is incredibly uplifting and something I am personally grateful for.