“Shifting” Teams and Opportunities by Megan Siwa

Coming into the Shift Digital as a Website Assistant was an exciting, fresh start for me to get my career on track.

Let’s take it back to my first day (roughly 18 months ago): It did not take long for me to adjust to the Shift culture and atmosphere. The employees seemed to pride themselves on the friendships they built, and the fun they had while contributing to such a successful environment. It was unlike any other place I was a part of. Culture aside, the professional opportunities for involvement and advancement at Shift nearly seemed endless.

I have come to understand that not every company offers a variety of career opportunities the way Shift does. It was a regular occurrence around the offices to see employees take on additional work or change roles because of some type of niche they discovered in addition to applying their current knowledge base. For example, of all things my role as a Website Assistant consisted of (i.e. creative content production, reporting analysis, website best practices, etc.), I never thought I’d find compliance and auditing to be the most enticing. Little did I know, that’s when my career plans ‘Shifted’…

Remember when I mentioned finding your niche? Well, once that niche is discovered, managers can help grow that specific skill set or trait to the fullest potential for those who are crazy driven, like myself.

Fast forwarding to present day: I am now a Digital Strategy Associate which concentrates more on the compliance and auditing tasks, and I’m not ashamed to say that I love it! This transition would not have been possible without the attention of my mangers.

That said, I think it’s fair to say at Shift you are not just another employee that blends into a company of a hundred-some-people. Here, people know: your name, the team you are on, the additional projects you volunteer for, your niche, your birthday, your dog’s name… and the list goes ON!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m not the same person I was 18 months ago, and neither is my career at Shift Digital. I have grown and learned so much (personally and professionally), and I owe it all to the experiences and opportunities I have been exposed to with the assistance of my managers and this company.

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