Striving to EVOLVE Skillsets by Alexandra Zito and Jenna Clark

At Shift Digital, we’re always looking to grow beyond what we already now. One unique way we succeed at this is through our in-house professional growth and development program – EVOLVE.

EVOLVE allows our employees to strengthen and sharpen skillsets on various topics. Each training course is hosted by one of our very own employees and topics include, but are not limited to: digital advertising, design, professional growth, and Microsoft programs. This program has not only expanded course topics based off employee feedback, but also went through a visual makeover and launched a new user-friendly website to ease employee navigation.

Our new website offers employees the ability to learn, and re-learn, topics on their own by seamlessly following along with the pre-recorded presentations. Not only are these presentations enhancing the skillsets of those who are attending or watching, but also for those who are sharing their knowledge through these courses (huge kudos to all of our trainers!).

To further our EVOLVE initiative, we plan to launch EVOLVE Diversity. This new segment within the program allows guest speakers from all backgrounds to join us and share their perspectives on more personal topics. Our goal moving forward is to replace one EVOLVE session a quarter with an EVOLVE Diversity presentation.

As we grow with new team members, and as a company, we want to ensure employees have every opportunity to evolve their skillsets both personally and professionally.

*We encourage all employees to access the EVOLVE website and expand how you #doepicshift today! **If any employees have suggestions for speakers and/or topics for the EVOLVE program, please reach out to or a member of the Employee Relations Team.

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