The PAWfect Perk by Jami Hall

Every office has its quirks. Sometimes you hear the mind-numbing elevator music that plays over the intercom in the waiting room or know about the coldest and most sought-after refrigerator in the break room. Shift is quirky just the same. Instead of competing with your two-legged co-workers over the last pot of coffee; at Shift, you’ve got four-legged friends competing for your attention while you work.

You will often see little fluffy and floppy-eared companions roaming the office frequently throughout the week. They come with their owners to work and brighten everyone’s day around them.

I’m sure the benefits of having dogs around you at work goes without saying, but in case you aren’t convinced, here’s what research has to say about companies with a pet-friendly work environment:

  1. Pets can help reduce stress around the office. I mean, c’mon, it’s hard to be agitated or not smile when you see someone else’s beloved dog come up to you in your chair with big eyes and ask for attention. For reasons like those, dogs are instant mood boosters.
  2. Pets increase your work productivity. Enjoying the companionship during the work day may encourage you to work longer hours if needed and, ultimately, have a better work/life balance. This is especially true for owners who can bring their dog to the office because they no longer have to worry about leaving their pets home alone all day.
  3. Pets need breaks and so do employees. Pet owners and co-workers alike benefit from the semi-frequent walks and play-time breaks. These breaks encourage healthier living habits and reduce stress levels for everyone which ultimately decrease our likeliness to develop diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, feelings of loneliness, etc.
  4. Pets bring people together! Most people want to be where the dogs are and that alone increases positive communication amongst employees which improves the work atmosphere overall.

Having a pet-friendly workplace is only one of many brilliant benefits of working at Shift Digital. So, if you’re a dog lover, you’re barking up the right tree with us.

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