We Are Always EVOLVE-ing by Jenna Clark

Much like its name suggests, Shift Digital’s EVOLVE has developed year over year and is showing no sign of slowing down! EVOLVE has historically focused on professional development topics; however, Shift took the next step in expanding the program this year by adding EVOLVE Diversity.

EVOLVE Diversity aims to create more opportunities to celebrate our differences and to further strengthen our atmosphere of inclusion. With that mission in mind, two events were held this year to jump start our new initiative.

The first event featured Bob Smith, a local Historian, who shared his insightful presentation on immigration to Detroit since the early 1800s. His presentation went through the growth of the automotive industry with a focus on African Americans. Our second event featured Ian Unger, a Program Manager at Affirmations, who addressed “LBGTQ Basics” which provided an overview of the challenges LBGTQ people face. Both presentations were well attended and inspired thoughtful discussion. We are very thankful to both presenters for sharing these presentations with us and hope to work with them again in the future!

As we head into the new year, there are some exciting additions coming to EVOLVE. We are expanding the Professional Development and Diversity Pillars as well as creating a Community Pillar. EVOLVE Community will focus on local and extended community outreach – anything from engaging with our Recycling Club, participating in fundraising events and simply supporting causes near and dear to our local and remote employees.

All of us within EVOLVE are looking forward to sharing these changes with the employees as soon as 2020 arrives (stay tuned)!

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